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double diffuser F1 Car

July 25, 2012

Posted by TheBrad

If Red Bull can keep the flow out of the exhaust pipe relatively constant, even when the throttle is closed going into a turn, then the diffuser will see a more consistent air flow and maintain higher downforce = higher cornering speeds.

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F1 2012 Season

Melbourne Albert Park Track Grand Prix F1 2012

March 16, 2012

Posted by TheBrad

Why the 2012 F1 Formula 1 Season Will Be The Best Ever? For the first time in the history of motor racing there are 2 Australian drivers on the grid, 6 world champions in the field, It’s the longest ever F1 season (20 races), No Italian drivers for the first time in a decade…

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Stop Joseph Kony


March 8, 2012

Posted by TheBrad

#stopkony Joseph Kony is the leader of the LRA in Uganda and the Congo who has kidnapped thousands of children, and is currently kidnapping more and forcing them to kill and be violent- sometimes forcing them to maim or kill their own family members.

SOPA PIPA Legislation

January 18, 2012

Posted by TheBrad

It’s all about controlling information (and free speech) on the internet via two new legislative bills. Unsurprisingly, the names of these bills have nothing to do with protecting IP’s.


November 21, 2011

Posted by TheBrad

The finale of X-Factor Australia 2011 is on tonight and I pondered “Can Google Insights Predict the Winner of X-Factor Australia 2011?”
Of the 3 remaining contestants, only two of them have significant search popularity online.



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