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Google Predicts XFactor Winner

Monday, November 21, 2011
posted by TheBrad

The winner of the 2011 Australian X-Factor is Reece Mastin

(according to Google Insights)

The finale of X-Factor Australia 2011 is on tonight and I pondered “Can Google Insights Predict the Winner of X-Factor Australia 2011?”
Of the 3 remaining contestants, only two of them have significant search popularity online.

  • Reece Mastin
  • Johnny Ruffo
  • Andrew Wishart
  • Google AdWords – Local Australian Search Volumes

    Google Search – Approx Number of Pages
    Using the assumption that the most popular of the three should be the most discussed online also.
    Google Returns the following search results (approx number of pages)

    Google Insights
    While Google Insights also reports that the majority of search traffic was for Reece Mastin there is a recent spike in interest for Johnny Ruffo.
    Note - The ‘Rising Searches’ and ‘Top Searches’
    X-Factor 2011 Google Search Volume

    X-Factor 2011 Search Interest Google Insights

    If the public opinion vote is accurate and search interest is similar to the number of votes a contestant receives then it looks as though Johnny Ruffo will just pip Reece Mastin for the 2011 X-Factor title (with an Andrew Wishart a clear 3rd place.
    However, if Adwords historical search data is to be trusted then Reece Mastin should win.

    Now lets look at Google Trends – The winner of the 2011 Australian X-Factor is Reece Mastin
    XFactor Google Trends Reece Mastin

    But wait theres more, Social Media (like The Twitter and the Facespace!)

    Facebook Stats
    Reece Mastin:
    25,840 like this
    3,528 talking about this

    Johnny Ruffo:
    4,191 like this
    1,422 talking about this

    Andrew Wishart
    4,310 like this
    1,570 talking about this

      The consensus appears to be Reece Mastin to win the competition despite some late Google Insights data indicating Johnny Ruffo.
      Based on social media alone (Facebook) Reece will win and this is confirmed by Google Trends and the Google Keyword Tool.
      Andre Wishart must have a strong off-line fan base of sms voters as his online trend and search performance is weak.

    The winner of the 2011 Australian X-Factor is Reece Mastin

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    Reverse Proxy For SEO

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011
    posted by TheBrad

    Every SEO consultant knows that uniting content under one domain is an advantage and using sub-folders in place of sub-domains is preferred. But What if two sites exist on two different servers?

    A reverse proxy can make the technical implementation of this quite simple. With that one change, the URL becomes

    By acting as a content broker, your master server acts as a proxy to the content of your other servers. Multiple CMSs, databases and even platforms can be used, while all appearing to come from the same domain!

    Reverse Proxy Infographic

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    The History of Google Changes

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011
    posted by TheBrad

    Informative infographic documenting some of the major Google search algorithm updates. The original post can be found at

    history of google algorithm changes


    Na pohybel janas is the Search Query!

    Wednesday, February 16, 2011
    posted by TheBrad

    Na pohybel janas is the “fastest rising” search term across the internet in Australia and other countries fot the past month or so. Speculation is rife as the meaning of Napohybeljanas with many popular opions concluding that its the name of a Slavic rock band or an internet search bot that has run rouge!

    Na pohybel janas

    Na pohybel janas

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    The Chatroulette Gender Experiment

    Friday, November 19, 2010
    posted by TheBrad

    Since Chatroulettes inception back in December 2009 its popularity continues to intrigue veritable voyeurs, bored office workers from Manila and those who wish to display their genitals in public yet are prevented from doing so thanks to the legality of indecent exposure laws. It goes without saying when you use the internet to connect two random strangers with web cams (and possibly no pants) that all manner of spontaneity can occur.

    “The majority of my time spent on Chatroulette is having people not talk to me!”

    Chatroulette Gender Study

    The video evidence describes an account of a Chatroulette experiment proving that getting “nexted” is directly proportional to a person’s physical attractiveness and the Chatroulette interactions and the time spent “chatting” are seriously compromised if your of questionable gender, looks, age etc…

    Read the full article whats-the-spin-on-chatroulette?



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